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Annette Childress was extrememly helpful with the sale of my home. She was very knowledgable on the market valuation of my home and determined the right sale price based on home conditions and current market values. She was very attentive to my needs by responding to my emails and text messages almost instantly! She kept me up to date on the progress of the sale every step of the way by keeping me informed. She offered great referrals who were also great and saved me a lot of time. Annette was very detailed in explaining everything from the beginning. She was the ultimate professional throughout the whole process. I highly recommend Annette, and will use Annette again to purchase my new home.

Tom Seller



Annette is one of the sharpest people we've ever met. She did her utmost to ensure she understood our 
needs and she stood up for us and protected our interests. She made sure we didn't walk away from the deal 
feeling like we compromised anything.

A. Worthington

55 Walkhill, Jamaica Plain


"Norman is a great Real Estate professional. He is involved in the whole process of your home purchase, taking care of the first view of the property, following all datelines and making sure that you and your money is fully protected. I have purchased two properties with him, with outstanding results. My family and I always trust his advice."

amalfis guzman

67-69 Dexter Ave Watertown, MA 02472


"Norman helped us buy a house in probably one of the most hectic, ever-changing markets in recent history (2022). He was extremely responsive and supportive of the various scenarios we were considering to manage the housing landscape. He also had great recommendations for a mortgage company and a real estate lawyer. Both of whom served us very well. I have and will continue to recommend Norman to anyone looking to buy or sell real estate."

82 Mystic St Medford, MA  


Norman was very attentive and helpful. I had never purchased a home before so I had a lot of questions and he was very patient. He guided me through the process with ease. He also put me in touch with others who had services I needed. He is very connected. I would highly recommend Norman!

Girauch -02/11/2022


Norman listed and sold my condo. His team helped me find an apartment. I met with Norman end of May. It took me about a month to declutter. Once I took care of my end, things moved very quickly. The closing was in early September. My goal was to be settled into my new apartment by October. Very pleased with Norman's professionalism and beneficial advice.



Norman O'Grady was the best Realtor Agent one can ever have. Our home buying process took a bit longer due to being right after the pandemic but Norman stood with us all through a year of home searching until we finally closed on our new home. I am so grateful that Norman was my realtor! I would 100% recommend him as your realtor agent!

laviciosa vicioso024


Norman and I have worked on two real estate deals so far and both deals have been a fantastic experience. Norman was at every step of the process with me and made sure he was available at time of need. Norman is very knowledgeable in his field and has access to great resources. Closed on my last property on 3/27/20 and told Norman to gear up for the next one!

 cdefay01 Hyde Park  Boston MA


Norman was very very helpful helping us find a single-family home. He provided information on houses for sale, how to buy a house, and he was extremely cordial and friendly with us throughout the whole year we worked with him. We strongly recommend him for his knowledge of the community, his experience in the real-estate industry, and his amicable demeanor. If you're not sure who to go to when you're looking to find a home, or even how to buy a home, work with Norman! We trust him; he did not let us down, and he won't let you down either! Truly, Norman gets the results! 

bulgareci Brighton MA


It is quite stressful to shop for a house, but thanks to Norman I was able to fully enjoy my buying process. Norman is a professional agent who will get you results as to what you want. Also, he is fun to be around and not everyone has the ability to attract people the way Norman does. To continue, I have to admit that if it was not for Norman, I would not be able to write this review to the comfort of my home. I just notice the reviews from Norman for the first time, because I trusted a friend who referred me to Norman. Yet, I am not surprised at all, because he and his more than qualified team WILL GET YOU RESULTS! He will baby step you in the process of purchasing a home, and when something is wrong, he will let you know. He will be able to answer most, if not all, of your questions and concerns. I really had an extremely bad experience with my loan officer, but thanks to Norman I was able to know what to do and when to do it. To conclude, Norman is an extremely qualified agent and I personally will recommend him until he retires, if he does, and even then, if I decide to buy a house in the future, I will call him first because I know he will answer all of my calls. Norman, I can't thank you enough.

juandpuello- 04/19/2020- Quincy MA 


Norman was a pleasure to work with. As first-time home buyers I was most impressed with his ability to read where in the process my wife and I were. For example, when we started searching for homes in the fall of 2013, we were very eager but over the holidays and winter took a break as we were traveling frequently. It was always nice to hear from Norman with the occasional message with a home we may be interested in to remind us of what is out there.
?When we started back up looking at homes again in the late winter of 2014 his knowledge of processes and negotiation were helpful to rely on. We immediately found a home we liked and the process from early March to today’s closing couldn’t have been smoother. The team we had assembled with Norman, our lawyer and mortgage broker worked incredibly well together and efficiently. As my wife and I left the closing today we remarked how incredibly easy this process was, no doubt due to Norman’s professional knowledge and willingness to go the extra mile.
Paul Windham, NH


Norman helped me buy a condo in Brighton when I was stilling teaching in Indiana: he was incredible. I had met him and looked at places during a brief visit to Boston, but my offer on a condo wasn’t accepted. I returned to Indiana, and looked at places on-line until I found one that looked good. Norman went to the place and took about 50 photos which he e-mailed to me, and he gave me very good insider information about the neighborhood, (I didn’t know anything about Boston), and the value of the property as an investment should I choose to leave Boston.
I worked with Norman to make an offer. Several offers were received by the seller, but Norman fought for my offer, and it was accepted. Then, the trickiest part was that I was driving to Boston to move with my cat. I wanted to close the day I arrived, so we could just move right in. Norman mastered the timing of every step of the purchase, the mortgage, handing over the keys, etc. before 5:00 p.m. — while his assistant watched my cat at his office!! I’ve been totally happy over the past two years in my condo – great location and nice neighbors … and my cat is doing great in case you wondered.
Lee, Brighton, MA


The most important thing I can say about Norman, from my point of view, is that he made a promise and he kept it. As a seller, I let him know my bottom lines and he did not try to make me settle on less. On the contrary, his professionalism and attention to detail brought many qualified and excellent offers. In the end, I was very happy with not only sale price, but how easy the whole process was. During the listing and selling period, I was too busy to handle very much. Norman took care of everything and kept me in the loop as I requested. He did not miss a beat or an opportunity. Thank you, Norman!
We were more than satisfied with the way Norman handle the sale of our house. He was right on with the estimated sales price and was constantly in touch with us throughout the process. He also helped us find an outstanding moving company as well an individual to help clean the cellar. He is very detailed oriented. A pleasure to work with during tumultuous times. He took the worry out of all the details involved in selling of our home.
John & Jeanne Lawless


I contacted Norman for buying our first home because of a strong recommendation from a banker. Norman indeed is very knowledgeable of the market and property and a very good negotiator. He is very sharp on finding the right property that meets our needs. Within a very limited time period when we needed to buy the home, he found the right one for us. He is very quick in response to email and cell phone. He has a strong team including very good financial group, attorney, and inspector. After purchasing home, he is still very quick in reply to my email regarding various questions about the properties. This house is a perfect fit for us and we like it very much. I do not hesitate to recommend to anyone who is interested buying home in Brighton/Allston.
Qing-Mei Wang, MD, Brighton, MA


I highly recommend Norman O’Grady to anyone looking to buying a home. As a first-time home buyer, he made the process as stress free as possible. Norman is very knowledgeable at his job and will go beyond his duties to help his clients. Norman is always available and genuinely cares to finding people the house of their dreams. I highly recommend him!

Abraham, Dedham, MA


Norman helped my wife and I buy our first home. From the moment we met Norman we knew we were in good hands. Norman was very patient with us as we took some time to finally decide. Every phone call, email, text was answered right away and every showing Norman displayed his knowledge of the business. I do and will continue to recommend Norman to anyone trying to buy, sell, or rent a home.
Anonymous, Kingston, MA


Norman helped us buy our home in Brighton over five years ago. Knowledgeable and personable, he went above and beyond to walk us through the process, negotiate on our behalf, and impart a peace of mind. He continues to keep in touch, has valuable connections within the community, and has even met with us to discuss future options for our home. His expertise and service have proven invaluable.
Rae, Brighton, MA


Norman is an incredible person and an excellent agent! We felt so comfortable working with him for the last year! Yes, one full year he was by our side to help us find a house that meet our needs! We are now settled comfortably in our gorgeous home thanks to his hard work! Thank you, Norman O’Grady!
Anonymous, Framingham, MA


“Many thanks to Neil Eustice for the many hours and miles he spent helping me in a successful search for my new home.”
Rosemary Monz, Rockland, MA


I have known Norman for a few years now but I didn’t need his services up until recently. I am glad to use him. He explains everything from the beginning, he is so easy to reach and answers all the questions. He takes what can be a stressful process and makes it a breeze. Highly recommended! Thank you, Norman.
Kzlatkos Framingham, MA


Norman was an exceptional agent. He helped us to find exactly what we were looking for and once he did, he was able to provide the best advice to ensure acceptance from the seller. Throughout the process he provided so much guidance for us as first-time home buyers. Our experience has been fantastic and we will recommend him to anyone. We hope to keep in touch as he has become a part of a big moment in our life! Thank you, Norman!

Patrick & Patricia Feeney